Container cleaning

One particular specialism of Rotan is the development and production of container cleaning systems in the GMP environment. Precise and reliable cleaning solutions are planned to customer requirements by our departments, GMP- and FDA-compliant, and produced at our location. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in special requirements and our ability to respond quickly and with customer orientation. Our portfolio ranges from manually-operated to fully-automatic single and multi-chamber systems. Validatable cleaning and drying processes for the internal and external cleaning of containers can be combined with the appropriate conveyor system. Our system solutions range from manually-operated cleaning systems to fully-automatic container systems.


  • Single- and multi-chamber with internal / external cleaning
  • integrated drying / cooling
  • Floor-level or flush installation
  • Multi-purpose systems for various washes (containers / barrels / pallets etc.)
  • Flow-control function / inflatable door seals
  • Lifting doors / side opening / flap doors
  • Accessories such as conveyor systems / handling systems / washed goods identification
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Mr. Michael Palme
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Mr. Michel Branco Dos Santos
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Mr. Jan König
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